Sep 20, 2014

Sisterhood of Night Release Date

Today we received some exciting news about Georgie's upcoming movie Sisterhood of Night; the movie had been selected to be the centrepiece in the Woodstock Film Festival! This will mark the world premiere on the movie and we couldn't be more excited! There will be two screenings of the movie and fans can buy tickets to both of them here, tickets are $12 for the first screening on the 18th October and $10 on the 19th. Woodstock Film Festival is held in New York City, in Kingston (where the movie was shoot) and its surrounding areas.

It's unknown if Georgie or any of the other cast members will attend to any of the screenings or make any other appearance at the festival, so far only director Caryn Waechter and screenwriter Marilyn Fu have been confirmed for a Q&A, but we can always hope.

In addition to these wonderful news we ever got two stills; one of Georgie and one groupshot of the girls, you can find them both in our gallery. Hopefully this also means that a trailer for the movie isn't far away and I will keep a good look-out for it and any other production still from the movie.

Apr 9, 2014

Perfect Sisters LA Premiere

As I'm sure you all now the premiere for Georgie's new movie Perfect Sisters was held yesterday in LA! This was the first premiere Georgie attended since 2011 and she did not disappoint, over the night we have been overflowed with pictures and videos from both the premiere and the press conference before. For the press conference Georgie wore a cute white and blue Topshop dress, but went for a little classier and chic style for the premiere, wearing a jacket and skirt by Mulberry and white Topshop top. Topping it all of with a classy bun and accessorised with a Jimmy Choo clutch and Mulbery heels. She looked absolutely gorgeous!

Georgie was joined on the red carpet by the director Stan Brooks and her co-stars Zoë Belkin and Jeffrey Ballard. Sadly Abigail Breslin did not attend. On top of everything there's a lot of news articles about the movie, sharing both new stills and new clips! I've added a new still of Georgie in our gallery and all the interviews and movie clips can be found over at Georgie Central's Youtube page. Hopefully we'll get more photos and interviews from the night so keep an eye out in our gallery!

Apr 7, 2014

Birthday Project 2014

Time really moves fast! It is now only four months left until Georgie turns 19 years old, and that means it's time to kick start our annual Birthday Project! As you might remember our first project was a scrapbook with your letter and edits that we sent to Georgie, last year we raised enough money to send her a necklace and a custom card. This year it's a little different though. This year we going with a little theme: things we love about Georgie Henley.

It sounds simple right? All you really have to do is send in a reason why you love Georgie. We do ask you to try to be original, don't just say you love her because of her smile or because she's a good actress. There's always something more to it, not only superficial things. Maybe you have a good memory that somehow connects with Georgie and that's why you like her, or maybe she inspired you in some way. Those are the things we want you to send in!

The deadline isn't until June (date will be announced later) so you will have plenty of time to think of something and send it in to us. There are multiple ways to send it to us. You can always leave it as a comment here or one of our other posts (but then make it clear that it's for the birthday project), you can post it on our Facebook wall or send it to us through our Twitter. Of course you can also send it to us via email, if so we ask you to send it to and make sure that it's spelled correctly and has a .se and not .com.
We hope you guys send something in so we can give Georgie an awesome birthday gift!

Apr 3, 2014

Perfect Sisters Contest

There's been a lot of Perfect Sisters news recently and we all couldn't be more happy about that. Awhile ago Emma over at Georgie Central found a new still of Georgie and her on-screen-mother Mira Sorvino at Xfinity! With a little work I managed to get it in HQ.

And this is not the only picture that has been shared with us! Last week Perfect Sisters tweeted a new photo from the cast dinner that Zoë Belkin tweeted about back when they were filming. As if all of this wasn't enough, Perfect Sisters also shared a new clip from the film via Hulu, fans can check out the video over at GC's Youtube channel.
Now we already knew – through various tweets from the production team – that Perfect Sisters will have it's LA premiere on April 8 (that's this Tuesday!) which means we will get more photos of
Georgie within the week! Also the people behind Perfect Sisters are giving fans the opportunity of a lifetime; fans can now enter a competition to win tickets for the LA premiere! All fans have to do is watch the movie and answer trivia questions for the chance to win – one winner will be picked everyday from Friday - Monday.

As far as I'm aware, travel arrangements to LA falls upon every individual, not the production team, meaning that you have to pay and find a way to get to LA if you happen to be the lucky winner.
Good luck to anyone who decides to enter!

Mar 11, 2014

Perfect Sisters Trailer

So after a long wait we finally got to see the trailer for Georgie's new movie Perfect Sisters! The movie has now been released on-demand, so anyone in the US can purchase the movie online until April 10. The theatrical release date for the movie is still April 11 and everyone in Canada and USA should keep an eye out at their local theatre for more information about screenings in your town. There hasn't been any word about international release yet but according to Perfect Sisters twitter account it shouldn't be too long before we find out more about that. Until then watch the trailer here below!

Not only did we get a trailer, Yahoo also published an article about Georgie and her transition from Narnia and they even added what looks like a new still from the movie, or at least a screen cap from it.

Feb 20, 2014

Perfect Sisters: Poster and Release date

It's been nearly two years since Perfect Sisters finished filming, and now we finally have both a release date and a new poster.
full poster below
So far the only release date we have is the 11th April this year (only a few months away!) and that's a limited release in USA and Canada. We know of a few cities and will show the movie during a limited time so I suggest that you keep an eye out for Perfect Sisters among the lists of films at your local cinema. IMDb has listed international release at any time from April to June, bear in mind that this does not include all countries and so again: look on your local theatre site!
According to the movies official twitter (please follow them if you have twitter!) we can expect a trailer sometime in March and hopefully more still or set photos! Though for now we will have to settle for the amazing new poster.

Oct 23, 2013

Acne Paper and Launch party

Finally, after two years, Georgie has attended a real public event! On the 17th October, Georgie attended the launch party for Acne Paper's 15th issue - The Actress. Sadly it seems like we only got one picture of Georgie from the event, but hopefully we'll get some other photos in the future.

As we got the news about her appearance, we - the other admins and I - started to wonder if Georgie might have been featured in the magazine, thus explaining why she would choose to go to such a small event. Acne Paper is a minor magazine that's a part of the Swedish fashion brand Acne Studios, and they only publish about two issues a year. I went to my closest Acne store and bought a copy of the new issue and sure enough, Georgie appeared in a the magazine's spread English Roses. It's mostly just a photo, no new news or anything. I scanned the magazine so that you all could see it but sadly, even though it didn't say much, the full text didn't fit on the paper. I have, however, written out the full text here below.

Georgie Henley had always been interested in craft of acting, but didn't imagine it could have taken her as far as it has. "A casting director for the Narnia franchise came up to Yorkshire and filmed me talking about what I had for breakfast," she recalls. "Eighteen months later, I had my first role as Lucy Pevensie." Starting out so young, it was a great help to look to those around her for inspiration. "I've learnt everything I know just from working with other talented individuals," she offers, "and being on the same set as people like Tilda Swinton and James McAvoy was a immeasurably valuable experience for me as a young actor." Despite her early start, one of Shakespeare's greatest female roles have always appealed. "In terms of dream characters to take on, Shakespeare's Cleopatra would be a formidable role to play; her line 'Now from head to foot / I am marble-constant' is a heartrending portrayal of grief." And more contemporary inspiration? "Marion Cotillard and Jessica Chastain have been a huge inspiration to me, they are chameleons but always have an innate sense of elegance and grace.
And here you have the photo of Georgie from the magazine, and as always, Georgie looks gorgeous! Hopefully this event and the photo shoot will be the start of more news to come!